All our ingredients are carefully sourced with pork from Morley Farm on the Holkham Estate in North Norfolk or Dingley Dell pork from Knight’s Farm, just south of nearby Sudbury.


We use a lot of venison in our curing, not only because it tastes fantastic and it probably the healthiest of all meats (perhaps the only one with net positive health benefits) but also because we understand that eating wild meats is beneficial to the environment – whereas farmed animals (and, indeed, vegetables) produce greenhouse gases or require considerable natural resources in their production, eating wild meats reduces the negative impact any animal has on the environment. 


Quality is always paramount for us. Our chocolate is from ValRhona and Callebaut, both of which are committed to sustainable farming, working directly with the cocoa farmers and paying them fairly for the quality beans they grow. This quality is evident in the chocolate they produce which makes our task much easier. We make simple style chocolates but with the very best, and tastiest, ingredients.


For our prints, we use recycled materials and eco-friendly inks where possible.


Packaging is always a tricky matter. For our wine business we have been using recyclable plastic for some time and now biodegradable packaging is coming onto the market. Wherever possible, will use environmentally friendly packaging so, whilst your orders will be professionally presented, don’t expect glitzy boxes through your door.