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Day two of and much of our guanciale has already been posted out. Fortunately (for us) today is the day for slicing the spicy Guanciale so some will be thicker sliced to make an authentic Amatriciana sauce. Named after Amatrice in northern Lazio, a town which suffered terribly in the earthquake of 2016 and, to a large extent, no longer exists, this simple pasta sauce is heavily reliant on this tasty, high fat, superior alternative to bacon or pancetta.

The sauce is quite similar to the 'Nduja sauce, published here. This sauce takes about 10 minutes from scratch so, if you are using dried pasta, get this going first. Then, roughly slice (not too thick) around 30g per person and fry in a pan with just a dash of oil to help release the fat (watch the Guanciale fat render beautifully). Add some finely diced shallot (half a banana shallot per person) and a little garlic to taste. When the onion is softened (after a couple of minutes), add some chopped tomatoes (tinned or, better yet, baby plum tomatoes) and cook for a few minutes until they have folded into the sauce.

When both sauce and pasta are ready, mix together, plate up and grind some black pepper over the top then some roughly grated pecorino. Enjoy!

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