The view from the tasting room at Filippo Broccardo’s winery in Monforte d’Alba stretches across the valley past the old castle at Novello to the snow-

capped Alps. Cast your gaze down onto a sea of vines where the autumn fog settles, giving the local grape, Nebbiolo, its name. These are the vineyards of Barolo, Italy’s most prestigious wine. It was here, in 2015, when tasting through the latest releases, that we were offered, alongside the usual grissini and cheeses, some delicious Barolo salami from the village alimentari, a treasure-trove of fine foods. We headed there straight from the winery and have visited every year since.


Over the Alps, the warm summer evenings are scattered with Provençal markets in almost every village. Here we were introduced to a deliciously smoked Lonzo. Traditionally made from pork loin, variations can be made just as well with other cuts or, as we have subsequently discovered, from very different animals, in particular venison. Whichever way you have it, it’s delicious.

The lockdowns of 2020 put a stop not only to our discoveries of new delights but also to our enjoyment of so many  

favourite foods so, despite being busy with wine sales, James began to make salami and cured meats and quickly found that he was making far more than we could eat ourselves. He delved further into the art of curing (undergoing the appropriate training and certification, of course) and has created a range of delicious salumi from both venison and pork.

Visits to our favourite chocolate factory – ValRhona in Tain l‘Hermitage - have also been out of the question but we have

Locally-sourced, High quality ingredients

been able to source the chocolate and start making our own hand-crafted classics using the best ingredients we can find.

Jill has always loved the constraints and craftmanship of a short story or a byzantine tile which is why she has, over the last few years, been creating very simple and dramatic prints for napkins and cards. Little squares of joy, fresh feeling and not needing of an occasion but just to be used. The current range reflects our longing for Provence and is intended as a fun reminder of the pleasures of relaxing with friends in the sun. 


Napkins are all individually screen-printed by Jill and, as such, are highly individual. In addition to designing our website, Sam has taken these images and digitally transformed them into a range of stunning cards.